Vikings in Space
As it goes with many Gunner side projects, this bubbled up out of free-time and a joking conversation about a space Viking (whatever that is?) and his existentialist son. I got to jump into C4D to bring the wee lil confused lad to life! Starting with Rachel's awesome 2D refs, I continued to exaggerate the boy's personality with breathing, eyes, and subtle head bobs. Since this was short and we were going for an Aardman stop-motion feel, we bypassed rigging and simply animated the mesh, splines, and deformers frame by frame. 
Directed By: Gunner
Illustration: Ian Sigmon
Cel Animation: Rachel Reid
2D Animation: Ian Sigmon, Veró Gómez
Modeling: Nick Forshee, Veró Gómez
3D Animation: Nick Forshee, John Hughes
VO: Scott Horten, Bryan Pope
Sound: Bryan Pope
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